Yarrrr, thar be treasure over there

I grew up in the stone age.

Seriously, just ask my kids.

No internet, it hadn’t been invented yet.

Cable TV was for “them rich folks what lives up on the hill”

We had three channels, plus PBS on a good day.

What I did have was a library full of books and miles of woodlands near my home.

Well, back in these dark ages I used to spend a lot of time in the woods with my friends. One of our favorite games was “Pirate Treasure”.

One of us would go out and find a likely spot to hide some little trinket and mark its location on a map. then the others would go try to find it.

blank pirate map

We had a lot of fun, and needless to say we all got pretty good with a  map an compass. Oh, did I forget to mention I’m older than GPS?

Fast forward more years than I want to think about and you find me, sitting around with my own kids. Kids growing up in a world so different than the one I grew up in. I looked for a way to have fun with them, while connecting them to the world I once grew up in. I found Geocaching.

Now, it may not be exactly the same thing, but its pretty darn close. Especially the part where someone else hides the treasure. Looking around the house I found my old GPS, a birthday gift from many years back. I dusted it off, grabbed a pencil and a flashlight, and we went out and did us a few hunts.


It was fun, lots of fun.

It was a bit on the paperwork side though, since I had the old equipment. Not to worry though, with my GPS enabled smartphone I can simply pull out the iPhone and find a nearby cache whenever!

phone gps

In all seriousness, with my newly rekindled desire to spend time outdoors, especially with my family, this is an awesome activity. Its relatively inexpensive to participate in, lots of fun, and good exercise to boot!

See you in the field.


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