The Crazy Train Derailed

I have had some real interesting runs over the last week or so leveling my Pally by tanking LFD content. Last night in SM Cathedral it really took the cake though.

As soon as I zoned in I saw the healer and all three Dps running towards the first pull. They never stopped.

The Hunter was pulling whatever he felt like, tanking it with his bear while the Rogue helped him (guildies from thier tags). The Priest healer was mind controlling one mob at a time trying to tank the place himself while the mage was running about seemingly blasting crap at random.

Usually once I politely ask folks to let me do the pulling they do. If one person is a problem we kick them, or I simply go get another group.

This time I actually stayed, just following that crazy train to see how far into bizzarro world it would go.

They actually made it as far as clearing to the doors to the cathedral itself, clearing all the courtyard trash, only to have the healer mind control someone to pull the boss as soon as the doors were opened.

After watching a boss and about 50 or so trash mobs crush the group I decided I had seen enough for one night and left them to find another poor tank to take my place.

Lets just say it was an interesting run.


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