Thirty years ago

Thirty years and a few months ago I watched the space shuttle Columbia liftoff off  from it’s pad at the Kennedy Space Center from my house just across the Indian River.

It was on every news cast, televisions were rolled into classrooms and the classes stopped while the children watched.

Today the shuttle Atlantis cut through the early morning haze to make the final landing of the program.

One hundred thirty-five missions.

I watched it streamed live over the internet.

Unfortunately it did not rate as even kind of important to the folks running the television networks.

There was no commentary, no TV rolled into the classroom (yes, I know it’s summer vacation. It would not have happened anyhow.)

In order to find a decent live stream with decent commentary and without more time spent on commercials than content I ended up watching it through the BBC.

We’ve come a long way in the last thirty years apparently.

No once even seemed to notice that an era had ended today.

Well, I tell you what.

I noticed.

I watched.

I cared.

Bravo Zulu Nasa.

Well done.


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