A little help here?

Just under a year ago I was given a superawesome gift.

I was given a boat.

For the rest of the fall I tinkered with her, finally winterizing and putting her in storage last October.

Today she comes home. (There will be new pics next week, a few from last year are HERE)

Over the course of the winter and spring I have gathered just about everything I can think of to finish getting her ready to sail. Yes, I am excited about it. There is only one thing that I am missing.

A name.

I have been racking my brains for the last year and have not come up with anything decent that would also fit in the fairly small space I have to paint it. So I figured, when all esle fails, ask the internet.

How about it?

Help a guy out?


2 thoughts on “A little help here?

  1. The only name that came to my head was “Tranquility” but for a motorboat, it doesn’t work quite right. Except, I’m pretty sure that it takes you there.

    • I love the name, though I think i’ll hold onto that one for the boat I retire on. It just seems more fitting.

      I think for now we have decided on “Ship Happens”

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